Bibliography – Summer Research

This post is merely to keep track of sources I find, which could be useful soon in the project.

The general inefficiency of batch training for gradient descent learning

The paper above discuses some problems with batch training of neural networks and tries to argue that on-line training has more advantages, especially for larger training sets.

Matrix Form of the Backpropagation Algorithm

A blog that explains the backpropagation algorithm using matrix concepts to compute the outputs and error signals.

Backpropagation for Multi-layer Neural Network

It is a blog that explains neural networks in a simple way. It is easy to understand and concepts are explained incrementally. It was very useful in understanding the backpropagation.

Design of Neural Network Mobile Robot Motion Controller

Application of Neural Network on Flight Control

Quadcopter Sources


Some simple slides explaining basic concepts of how quad-copters work.

Quadcopter Dynamics, Simulation, and Control

A more detailed description of how a quadcopter operates. It includes some physics concepts.

Quadcopter Stability and Neural Networks

This blog explains how the PID algorithms work with a quadcopter. Additionally, there is a java applet that lets you compare the performance of different PID constant values, or the performance of the quadcopter under a neural network control.

Robust Neural Network Control of a Quadrotor Helicopter

A paper that describes the implementation of a neural network as a flight controller for a quadcopter.

Comprehensive Simulation of Quadrotor UAVs Using ROS and Gazebo

Tilt Measurement Using a low-g 3-axis Accelerometer

Background Subtraction Papers

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